Rade Petrasevic, Untitled

Rade Petrasevic, Untitled

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Rade Petrasevic
Untitled, 2019
oil on canvas
68,5 x 50,5 cm | 27 x 20 in


Rade Petrasevic works within a figurative pseudo-narrative. At first glance it appears that he is generating this via motifs and indicators, seemingly stemming from a traditional stance in painting, inviting associations with classic modernity and at times with Japanese traditional genre Shunga. Petrasevic’s topics have been wrung out countless times, and it is particularly that universal amenability that spikes his interest in wielding clichés and stereotypes – all of this without abstaining from transformation to the point of (physical) distortion, sex and fetish. For, it is not the intimate idylls of an Édouard Vuillard and Nabis, it is not the intensely rich colors of Henri Matisse or the Fauves and it also isn’t the repetitive, content-laden sujets of Pablo Picasso, but the appropriation of their techniques, intentions and topics, revived in a contemporary and by all means jocular version. The artist’s numerous tattoos of the names of his predecessors furnish evidence of the exemplary effect they have had on him, and so does the selection of quotes that Rade Petrasevic has gathered for this exhibition.



Born in 1982 in Vienna
Lives and works in Vienna


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