Andreas Duscha, Untitled

Andreas Duscha, Untitled

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Andreas Duscha
Untitled, 2018
glass, silver, steel
60 x 50 cm | 23 2/3 x 19 2/3 in


Andreas Duscha, who frequently bases his works on found digital images that are often associated with specific places, historical events and political phenomena, aims to appropriate a claim’s facticity. He builds his works on the potential of possibility and the imagination, filtering episodes of events that could have happened that way; he does not try to prove, to evaluate or to bear witness; he deciphers, modifies, encodes and stages according to his own parameters, injecting subjectivity and singularity into the seemingly known, obvious and banal.


Born in 1976 in Heidenheim a. d. Brenz, Germany
Lives and works in Vienna
since 2010 Lecturer Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria
2002 -2010 Member of the artist collective Mahony


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