Simon Lehner, Archive Material Selfportrait

Simon Lehner, Archive Material Selfportrait

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Simon Lehner
Archive Material Selfportrait, 2005-2021
Pigment print on Hahnemühle ultra smooth
50 x 41 cm
Ed. 20 + 2 AP


From the transformation of personal photo archives into newly interpreted digital spaces, Simon Lehner generates singular leitmotifs that manifest themselves as alter ego, petrol station, cave, table or television. These constellations of images, always somewhat varying and mined from the archive, coalesce in diverse combinations into two- or three-dimensional surfaces, ultimately to be painted by a robot. At every stage of the production process, small lacunae emerge. On the one hand, these convey to the works a quality that is very close to a painterly style. On the other hand algorithmic processes function as prostheses of the artist’s way of thinking; one can even ascribe to them a strong similarity to human mechanisms of remembering. Here arises that which the eponymous lying suggests: the act of painting, that is no ‘genuine’ painting, is juxtaposed with the software as a neurological pendant of remembering.



Born in 1996 in Wels, Austria
Lives and works in Vienna