Ovidiu Anton, Kein Mensch ist illegal

Ovidiu Anton, Kein Mensch ist illegal

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Ovidiu Anton
Kein Mensch ist illegal (from the series Political Graffiti), 2011
ballpen on paper
14,8 x 15 cm | 5 3/4 x 6 in


Fuck the system! But which system? The one that seals the borders, hindering the entry of refugees seeking asylum or quartering them in desolate camps? The one that colonizes public space with its advertising messages while pushing interventionists like graffiti sprayers or skaters into illegality? Or even the art system itself, and the white cube?

Ovidiu Anton's aesthetic employs the stylistic device of paradoxical intervention. It relates intellectually to forms of expression found in youth subcultures, such as spraying, stencil art and street art, but it also turns their approaches and intentions upside down. Anton translates the tattoo, quickly sprayed onto the architecture of money and power in the dark of night, into the slower system of drawing; he transfers wall inscriptions from Marseille to the walls of buildings in Vienna and vice versa



Born in 1982 in Timisoara, Romania
Lives and works in Vienna


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